Craft Tea from Japan 

Each tea in our selection is tenderly crafted by producers with generations of devotion on small-scale, family run farms. There is no rule book for making great tea. Artful production comes from dedication, craftsmanship and love. At BROO, we provide customers with detailed insight about each tea across origin, season, elevation, steaming and firing types so that you can gain a deeper understanding of your tea. Each tea comes with brewing guidelines for maximum flavour profile in every cup. When you brew our teas, you become a participant in the life cycle of each craft tea. 



The tea market is dominated by blended teas featuring tea leaves from multiple cultivars and farms that can be balanced to create a single flavour profile that can be reproduced season-on-season, year-on-year. At BROO, we value single-origin teas because we want you to experience teas that evoke place, environment and the pure traits of each cultivar. In fact, the flavour profile of tea can vary every year even on the same patch of the farm. We select those with distinctive characteristics by taking samples by farms, cultivars and the harvest date.  

As a conscious business, we believe that we have a responsibility to look after our planet and employ sustainable practices at all stages. Our loose leaf teas are contained in biodegradable and compostable bags made from innovative NatureFlex material derived from renewable wood pulp sustainably harvested from managed forests. Our outer packaging is also made with sustainably sourced wood pulp and we ship using plastic-free recyclable materials (shipping labels for EMS, ePacket and Yupack will be contained in the plastic covers Japan Post provides. This is due to Japan Post's guidelines). We are a small business and trying our best to keep all stages of production and shipment as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible. We will always be on the lookout to improve! 

Craft tea from Japan


How We Started

BROO was founded by tea lover Sayaka Yamaguchi. After quitting her job as a photojournalist, she began to travel the world. During these journeys she became increasingly aware and conscious of the joy of local and natural produce and the unique quality of small-scale producers and agriculture. Sayaka combined this passion with a respect for the natural world and environment working on small-holdings and organic farms in Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, Brazil, Uruguay and Hawaii. Having travelled across the world from Japan she eventually ended in England – one great tea drinking nation to another, and began broadening her knowledge of tea working for one of London’s most renowned tea shops as a tea connoisseur. Bringing together these passions for tea, artisan producers and eco-consciousness she founded BROO on her return to her hometown Fukuoka in 2021. Sayaka visits farms and builds relationships directly with producers, sourcing only those she wants to share with the world.