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Sencha is the most common tea type in Japan. To halt oxidation after harvest, leaves are steamed instead of pan-roasted, which is the common process in Chinese green tea making. Gentle grilled corn umami with a hint of kale chips shifts to chestnut sweetness, followed by a lingering persimmon aftertaste. Grown without synthetic fertiliser or pesticides in Yame, Fukuoka.

Origin: Yame, Fukuoka
Cultivar: Okuyumidori
Tasting Notes: Grilled corn, kale chips, chestnut, persimmon

Season: 14 May 2022
Elevation: 600 m
Picking: Bud and three leaves
Steaming: Medium
Firing: 109°C 17 mins
Net Weight: 50 g

How to Brew: Steep 4 g per 120 ml of 70℃ for 60 secs.
(Brew for 15-20 seconds from the 2nd infusion. You can brew multiple times. )